Essential Strategies On How To Stay Secure On Craigslist

Craigslist is a place. On account of this large scale transactions, some hackers and hackers have ought to lurk round the website and prey on innocent sellers or buyers. But don't be discouraged and believe that Craigslist isn't a great site.

Bad things happen in different websites. It is only the fact. Craigslist is going to be valuable to you in case you understand what to do to protect and secure your self. Written following are a few of the strategies to keep yourself.

Stay On Point While On Craigslist

Don't write a lengthy ad when you sell your things online. No one will read them. People care about the specifications, quality, and guarantee of this item but those are discussed throughout the conversation together rather than read in an ad. Rule of thumb is that the add should not be over 100 words.

Go Along With A Price Suitable With You

Craigslist is a location where people haggle. Consequently, price your item are usually suspicious when the cost is too low. Whenever someone is trying to sell your iPhone in Austin in good shape and can be priced half of their retail price, doesn't it raise a red flag?

On sites like Craigslist, items which are too good to be true come out false. Pricing people will scare away or if not, you might end up at a reduction in the bargain. Do not understand how to arrive at a price that is good? Select on the price you really wish to sell the product at and add a few dollars on top. If so, even if someone brings the cost down and haggles with you, you end up in the price you meant to sell the thing at and can negotiate. A bonus tip: only accept cash.

Based from experience of numerous Craigslist users, money sales give a greater probability of never getting scammed. The worse thing you can take at a sale is really a check. You will hand your product on with no assurance that you will get paid. Do not forget on your listing, which should be mentioned previously, that you'll receive cash to avoid any misunderstanding.

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Meet Only In A Place That Is Safe

When you do arrive in a successful negotiation with a prospective buyer or seller, ensure that you meet in people. Alternative easy-to-spot locations or Coffee shops are top favourite meeting places of folks.

Public meetings assure both parties that there are witnesses if something goes wrong. However, in case the product is too thick to be brought out of the home, leave your door open when meeting the buyer. An entry or exit is great you've got an easy way out or so that in case of a issue, you could be heard by your neighbors.

If at all possible, it is best to have a buddy within the home with you during the sale. Have another friend stand by on the line in the event, if your friend can't make it. Make sure that the buyer understands that you've got a friend on the other line, it functions as a deterrent.

With the tips above and other measures which you could imagine, you could just survive and enjoy dealing with people on Craigslist.

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